Credits and Acknowledgements

Without the inspiring indivduals, projects and communities listed below, Revision wouldn't have been a reality. The list is in no specific order.

  • n1kobg | BIOS, general tweaking, regs, commands, batches

  • Melody | general tweaking, regs, commands, batches, community helper

  • Calypto | general tweaking, great understanding of Windows

  • St1cky | BIOS, general tweaking, regs

  • Ameliorated | great inspiration, privacy-oriented tweaks

  • nuhi | NTLite creator, general corrections, NTLite guidance

    • Clanger | reg tweaks, NTLite guidance

    • Kasual | reg tweaks, NTLite guidance

  • My Digital Life Forums | great tweak library, scripts and help from users

    • abbodi1406 | reg tweaks, scripts (UUP>ISO)

    • Enthousiast | reg tweaks, re-directing, creator of many useful threads

  • UUP dump | ISO base, testing, general ISO help/troubleshooting

  • Munty | mouse tweaks, regs, and overall general tweaking

  • Felicity | creator of the Tweak Seller exposĂ©, ex. admin and great friend

  • Zoyata | ex. admin, regs, general understanding of tweaks

  • TenForums | reg tweaks, great tweak library and general help with Windows

    • Brink | reg tweaks, creator of many useful posts, Tenforums community administrator

    • TairikuOkami | reg tweaks and commands, Tenforums community helper

  • nimble | curator and organizer of Latency and Gaming, a great source for everything tech

  • BaseXVI | ex. server manager, has been a great helper of Revision

  • KGTC | helper, good suggestions, server and ISO ideas

  • Jalyx | faq/common questions maintainer and helper

  • DrEmpiricism | reg tweaks, script creator

  • Vishal Gupta | reg tweaks

  • WinCert Forum | Great projects, reg tweaks, generally a good forum

  • rajesh.kumar | Reg tweaks