Revision Community Guidelines

Used as a general reference and guideline for the rules and agreements you need to follow on Revision's community server(s), media(s) and platform(s).

  • Revision itself (and its Discord server) is NOT tech support in any shape or form.

  • Use Google before asking questions.

  • No one here is responsible if you break your PC.

  • No one is obligated to respond to or help you.

  • Be respectful! Treat others just like you would like to be treated.

  • Be helpful and show decency towards people that need help.

  • We do not allow racism nor sexism. Embrace diversity!

  • Do not share content that can be seen as discriminating or degrading by other members.

  • Harassing others will result in a ban. Please refrain from excessive trolling or abusing the reaction function.

  • Never share personal information.

  • No advertisement or self-promoting.

  • Do not share/post NSFW (pornographic) nor violent material.

  • Don't spam. (e.g, asking the same question in multiple channels.)

  • Any misuse of a channel is not allowed. Please use the correct channels at all times.

  • Be aware that asking questions will take others time. Only ask if you are sure you can't find the solution on your own.

  • Don't share hacks, malware, damaging tweaks or any cracked software.

  • If you share files, share them with an explanation on what they do.

  • Don't spread misinformation. Do your research before blindly sharing.

  • Agree to disagree, everyone has their own opinion. You cannot force your opinion on others.

  • If an argument gets heated move it out of the server.