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ReviOS 21H1 1.0

10th of May 2021

Created by: Revision


  • Based on Windows 10 21H1 (19043.928)

    • Tested, no performance problems on our end


  • Performance, stability and minor privacy optimizations

  • Minor registry changes

  • Rewinded certain subjective tweaks to mimic a more stock-like Windows experience, including changes to:

    • Taskbar

    • Start menu

    • Lockscreen

    • Windows Settings

    • Notifications

  • Process Mitigations reconfigured and disabled

  • Memory optimization reconfigured

    • Including processor optimizations for eased load


  • Buggy notifications (update)

  • Missing taskbar icons

ReviOS 20H2 S1.0

23rd of November 2020

Created by: Revision


  • Based on Windows 10 20H2 (19042.630)

  • Blended with good stuff from older builds along with new improvements

  • Windows Update is now fully manual

    • This ensures you can get the latest stability patches and security updates directly from Microsoft through Settings

    • Only essential updating allowed, so your system won't be bloated with non-critical updates

    • Cumulative updates and other minor updates are delayed by a few days, to prevent day 0 bugs and to enhance stability

    • Feature updates are delayed for 365 days (max quota limit)


  • Performance and stability optimizations

  • Slightly reworked registry setup, huge upgrade from 2004 S1.0

    • Undocumented, preceded, and duplicate tweaks removed, ensuring that only essentials and proved working tweaks remain

  • Closer to an optimal Windows experience, without all the quirks and bloat

    • Those familiar will be right at home, without having to deal with all drawbacks that Stock/Default Windows 10 presents

  • Disabled Process Mitigation to improve performance

  • Vastly more secure than predecessors

    • Certain vulnerable non-essential Services and components removed or patched

    • The latest up-to-date security patches and updates from Microsoft

    • Security oriented registry tweaks (that do not affect performance nor compatibility) included


  • Conflicting updates

  • Input Method Editor for Asian languages

  • Windows Search language bug

  • Windows Update limitations

  • Windows Settings crashes and other UI/UX-related bugs

  • Potential Microsoft Store and Xbox incompatibilities

  • Mapped Network Drives issues

ReviOS 1709 U4.0

30th of August 2020

Created by: Revision


  • NEW build based on 16299.2045

  • Various tweaks are now fully redone and properly implemented, following a new ReviOS standard

  • Updated Revision Extreme Performance and Extreme Power Saver power plans

  • Windows Update is fully disabled

    • Follow this method to install display languages


  • .NET 4.8 Framework and VC Runtimes included

  • Updated registry tweaks!

    • Win32PrioritySeparation to 25hex

    • Timer Resolution = 1ms by default

      • Following 2004's standard

    • Removed almost every undocumented regedit tweaks

      • If you are interested with undocumented tweaks, check out Melody's website

    • Reworked on priority tweaks

      • Defaulted ntoskrnl, csrss, dwm priorities

  • Various Security and Privacy improvements

    • Integrated Hosts file

    • Reworked on privacy tweaks

    • DNS Leak fixes

      • More information about it here

  • Disabled Process Mitigation to improve performance

  • Updated Internet Explorer tweaks

    • Revision website is now default homepage

    • Disabled TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 & Enabled TLS 1.3

    • Enabled Do Not Track and Block unsecured images with other mixed content

    • Launching applications and unsafe files to Prompt (it enables Security Warning, before you run any downloaded program)

  • Removed Tablet PC and Xbox Support

  • New custom Start Menu - Thanks to Cyanide

  • Disabled background tasks


  • Input Method Editor for Asian languages

  • Activation and Windows Search bugs

  • Hidden Notifications and System Restore section

  • Emulators related problems (read below, if it isn't still working)

  • Night Light

  • Printing issues

  • Blinking and Animations bugs


  • System Reset - it's known bug on stripped systems, we do not recommend to use System Reset.

  • If some emulators or VMs issues still exist, use this command in Command Prompt

    • bcdedit /deletevalue hypervisorlaunchtype

  • CapFrameX not working, use OCAT instead

  • DCH drivers don't work, use WHQL / Standard drivers instead


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32 bit'memorydiagnostic 'Memory Diagnostic'Microsoft.Advertising.Xaml 'Advertising.Xaml'Microsoft.BingWeather 'BingWeather'Microsoft.BioEnrollment 'BioEnrollment'Microsoft.CredDialogHost 'CredDialogHost'Microsoft.ECApp 'ECApp'Microsoft.GetHelp 'GetHelp'Microsoft.Getstarted 'Tips (Get Started)'Microsoft.LockApp 'LockApp'Microsoft.Messaging 'Messaging'Microsoft.Microsoft3DViewer '3DViewer'Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge 'Edge'Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub 'OfficeHub'Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection 'SolitaireCollection'Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes 'StickyNotes'Microsoft.MSPaint 'Paint 3D'Microsoft.Office.OneNote 'Office.OneNote'Microsoft.OneConnect 'Mobile Plans'Microsoft.People 'People'Microsoft.PPIProjection 'PPIProjection'Microsoft.Print3D 'Print3D'Microsoft.Services.Store.Engagement 'Services.Store.Engagement'Microsoft.SkypeApp 'SkypeApp'Microsoft.StorePurchaseApp 'StorePurchaseApp'Microsoft.Windows.Apprep.ChxApp 'SmartScreen'Microsoft.Windows.AssignedAccessLockApp 'AssignedAccessLockApp'Microsoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost 'Out-of-box Experience (OOBE)'Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager 'Content Delivery Manager'Microsoft.Windows.Cortana 'Cortana'Microsoft.Windows.HolographicFirstRun 'HolographicFirstRun'Microsoft.Windows.OOBENetworkCaptivePortal 'OOBENetworkCaptivePortal'Microsoft.Windows.OOBENetworkConnectionFlow 'OOBENetworkConnectionFlow'Microsoft.Windows.ParentalControls 'ParentalControls'Microsoft.Windows.PeopleExperienceHost 'PeopleExperienceHost'Microsoft.Windows.Photos 'Photos'Microsoft.Windows.SecHealthUI 'Windows Defender'Microsoft.Windows.SecondaryTileExperience 'SecondaryTileExperience'Microsoft.Windows.SecureAssessmentBrowser 'SecureAssessmentBrowser'Microsoft.WindowsAlarms 'Alarms'Microsoft.WindowsCamera 'Camera'microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps 'Windows Mail'Microsoft.WindowsFeedbackHub 'FeedbackHub'Microsoft.WindowsMaps 'Maps'Microsoft.WindowsSoundRecorder 'SoundRecorder'Microsoft.WindowsStore 'Windows Store'Microsoft.Xbox.TCUI 'Xbox.TCUI'Microsoft.XboxApp 'Xbox App'Microsoft.XboxGameCallableUI 'XboxGameCallableUI'Microsoft.XboxGameOverlay 'XboxGameOverlay'Microsoft.XboxIdentityProvider 'XboxIdentityProvider'Microsoft.XboxSpeechToTextOverlay 'XboxSpeechToTextOverlay'Microsoft.ZuneMusic 'ZuneMusic'Microsoft.ZuneVideo 'ZuneVideo'migwiz 'Easy Transfer'mixedreality 'Windows Mixed Reality'mobiledevicemanagement 'Mobile Device Management (MDM)'mobilepc_location 'Location notifications'ndu 'Network Data Usage Monitoring Driver'onedriveotherthemes 'Other Themes'pdfreader 'Windows Reader (PDF)'phonesvc 'Phone Service'photocodec32 'Photo codec - 32 bit'photoviewer32 'Photo Viewer - 32 bit'pimindexmaintenancesvc 'Contact Data'playreadyprinttopdf 'Print to PDF'provisioning 'Windows Provisioning'retaildemo 'Retail Demo Content'rotationmanager 'Auto-Rotation Manager'screensaverssecurestartup 'BitLocker Drive Encryption'securitycenter 'Security Center'settingsync 'Setting Sync'sihclient 'Server-Initiated Healing Client'skypeortc 'Skype ORTC'soundsdefault 'Sounds (Default)'soundthemes 'Sound Themes'sourcessxsdir 'Manual feature repository'speechcommon 'Speech Recognition'speechtts 'Speech TTS'srumon 'Data Usage service'superfetchsupportdir 'Support directory'tabletpc 'Tablet PC'targetedcontent 'Targeted Content Service'targetedcontent32 'Targeted Content Service - 32 bit'unistoresvc 'User Data Storage'unp 'Universal Notification Platform (UNP)'userdatasvc 'User Data Access'vcmcodecs 'Video Compression Manager (VCM) codecs'waasassessment 'WaaS Assessment'wallpapers 'Wallpapers (Themes)'webcamexperience 'Webcam Experience'wifinetworkmanager 'Wi-Fi Network Manager (Wi-Fi Sense)'windowstogo 'Windows To Go'winocr 'Windows TIFF IFilter (OCR)'winsat 'Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT)'

ReviOS 1709 S1.0

1st of August 2020

Created by: Revision


  • NEW Build based on 1709 (16299.1992)

  • Various tweaks are now fully redone and properly implemented, following a new ReviOS standard

  • Microsoft Store support

    • Support for pre-Game Pass games - Such as Forza Horizon 4, Minecraft Bedrock Edition and etc.


  • All the used registry for this build was reworked.

    • Useless tweaks and commands removed

  • Mouse acceleration still remain pre-disabled out of the box.

  • Process mitigations disabled

    • Improves CPU-based performance

  • Stability improvements

  • Various Security and Privacy improvements

    • More locked down than ever while still retaining full compatibility

  • Only essential UWP apps are kept

    • The missing apps can be re-downloaded through Microsoft Store

  • Windows Search is now fully functional

    • Cortana was previously removed and is now kept + fully disabled instead. This is done to retain stock Search functionality.


ReviOS 2004 S1.0

12th of June 2020

Created by: Revision

Special thanks to RavenouZ for testing and always providing amazing feedback!


  • NEW Build based on 2004 (19041.329)

  • No compromises, yet outstanding performance and excellent compatibility with full Store and Xbox support

  • Heavily inspired by LTSC builds, specifically their component setup

  • Ultimate Performance power plan added

  • Re-introduced various removed components

    • Following the new method of disable > remove


  • Useless tweaks and commands removed

    • Privacy tweaks slightly changed to fix bugs and support Appx-related programs.

  • Full Xbox support, including support for Xbox GamePass

  • Removed MarkC mouse curve, to get the more 'natural' default curve

    • Mouse acceleration still remain pre-disabled out of the box

  • Process mitigations disabled

    • Improves CPU-based performance

  • Stability improvements

    • Store, languages and Xbox features are working as expected (GameBar untested)

  • Only essential UWP apps are kept

    • The missing apps can be re-downloaded through Microsoft Store

  • Cortana removed and fully disabled

    • Can be re-installed through Store if wanted


  • Language install bug

  • Windows Auto Update bug

  • BitLocker Error


  • Starting with 2004 S1.0 and up UAC will only partly be disabled in S versions, as this will render Edge (Chromium) fully functional. This may introduce other bugs, such as the DirectX 9.0 Web setup bug shown here.

    • This is easily fixed by running the the setup in elevation (administrator mode), so right click the installer and hit "Run as administrator".

    • If you do not need Edge and don't run into any elevation issues, you may want to fully re-disable UAC. We've provided you with a solution in Workspace.

  • Default System Sounds remain pre-disabled in ReviOS. Normal audio works as it's supposed to, only the Sounds are disabled.

    • If the community deems this an unnecessary change - Revision will resort back to the original System Sounds in coming builds.

ReviOS 1709 U3.5

26th of March 2020

Created by: Revision


How to install display languages in U3.5:

Download your desired language pack for the ISO here:

Run lpksetup using ( Windows key + R ) run and select the downloaded language pack, then click next, accept and install.


  • Privacy tweaks improvements

  • UWP almost fully stripped, only essential components left to retain optimal system functionality

  • Removed Windows Mixed Reality, because it doesn't work without Store

  • MMCSS enabled for users who have problems with audio


  • Windows Search icon bug on taskbar