Frequently Asked Questions

Does ReviOS collect any of my data or track me?

No. Revision does not collect any of your data or track you through ReviOS. The only data Revision collects about you is through this website, specifically the type of data required for Google Analytics.

However Revision cannot account for the data collected by Microsoft by using ReviOS, but we've tried our best to limit what Microsoft can track about you by applying various patches, registry changes and removing components known to collect data. Additional info can be found here.

What are the U and S versions of ReviOS?

The U series of ReviOS is an unsupported branch we used to run in the past. It's no longer maintained nor supported and therefore not recommended anymore. We encountered too many problems with the U series and as the community grew bigger, we could no longer accept such projects. The S version is identical to the type of builds we maintain now, we just removed the S to avoid confusion, as the U builds are no longer supported, hence no distinction needed.

Does Revision provide ISOs based on previous Windows versions (7, 8.1, etc.)?

No, not anymore. As with U versions of ReviOS, they were very problematic to work with. The components are old and general support for older versions shrink by the minute.

The builds provided through Revision were called AmendOS and UnifyOS. AmendOS was based on Windows 7, and UnifyOS based on Windows 8.1.

They are no longer supported by Revision and we highly recommend you do not install Amend- nor UnifyOS anymore.

Where can I download ReviOS?

Only from official sources, on our official site:

It appears that malware-infected ISOs are being redistributed in the Windows tweaking community, and may even be disguised as one of the images found on Revision's website.

Do NOT download ReviOS from non-official sources.

It is highly recommended that you hash-check ISOs before installing. More info can be found on the verification page.