The Workspace is where you'll find add-ons and optional tweaks for ReviOS.

This page will be an expanding list of new/optional features. Some things are meant to be used as a toggle (on/off) and others are entirely new additions to the ISO/image. Some of these tweaks can also be used on non-ReviOS ISOs but we do not officially support that, so if you run into any issues on your own image we won't provide any support.

This page is mostly for experienced/advanced users.

It is recommended that you create a backup and/or a system restore point before proceeding with any of the listed tweaks below. However most of them can easily be reversed with a counter reg/script.


Enable or disable User Account Control (UAC)

Disabling UAC results in all applications being run as admin at all times and removes the elevation prompt that pops up, asking for your permissions.

  • This can break some program functionalities, one being Edge Sign-in and sync feature. It may also break some Microsoft Store apps (untested).

  • Additional info on UAC can be found here.

Enable or disable Windows Update

Disabling Windows Update will prevent you from from receiving Feature and Cumulative updates directly from Windows Update. However, updates can still be manually installed using DISM.

  • Disabling Windows Update may break critical functions such as product key activation and use, Language installation and download + certain parts of Store and online based AppX apps.

Enable or disable Notifications

Disabling Push Notifications system will prevent programs from receiving notifications. However, there are some programs which rely on Notifications, like Brave Rewards.

Microsoft Edge Fixes

Disabling UAC will prevent you to use Sync in Edge Chromium browser. However, it's still possible to use Sync while UAC is disabled.

  • A potential workaround would be to run Edge Chromium in Compatibility mode for Windows 7

Enable or disable Inking & typing personalization

This includes Automatic learning, user dictionary as well as the ability to toggle it in Windows Settings.

  • You may need to configure text/typing suggestions in Settings -> Devices -> Typing

  • Additional info on Inking & typing personalization can be found here.

Internet Icon Connection bug fix

A bug present only in ReviOS 21H1 1.0, where the system fails to properly recognize a working internet connection. It's still possible to access the internet like you normally would, but certain features are locked out, including the ability to download language packs and features.

The taskbar will usually display a globe with a prohibition sign.

This reg should fix that, however it may not work for everyone.