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ReviOS Documentation

This documentation has extensive guides on how to install, upgrade, tweak and use the ReviOS Windows Playbook. It also answers many of the most frequently asked questions you might have before, during and after the installation.

This documentation focuses on issues that are caused by ReviOS specifically. If you cannot find the answer to your question / problem here, chances are it is not caused by ReviOS, but an issue with general windows or the software you're trying to use.

We urge you to use a search engine and look for solutions yourself before asking for help!

If you have made an active effort to find a solution in the existing sources, and have found nothing, you can join our Discord server and use the Support section to create a support ticket. Using other channels or the Staff DMs can quickly result in a ban.


The team behind Revision and ReviOS is not responsible for your PC, your data and files, your actions and what you do based on this website's information and advice given on the Discord server. You use ReviOS at your own risk.


If you do not know what to do next, notice there is a sidebar on the left.

On phones, this is accessible by the hamburger menu in the top left corner. There you can find the table of contents and navigate through the docs.