Download ReviOS

Download the latest release of ReviOS, a suitable replacement for stock Windows on desktop PCs and laptops. Unlock your machine's true potential with optimized performance, low latency and reduced data collection. As with any Windows installation, an official license key is required.

By downloading ReviOS, you agree with the Legal considerations and Terms of Use.

To hash-check and verify the ISOs, go to verification.

Upgrading ReviOS

To upgrade from an old ReviOS version to a new one, without a full reinstall, refer to the guide here.

ReviOS | Windows 10

2022 September 24

Recommended for older systems, incompatible with Windows 11.

ReviOS | Windows 11

2022 September 24

Recommended for newer systems with more recent hardware.

What has changed?

Recent version changes can be found in the changelog.

Want to report a bug?

Please consult our FAQ before reporting on our Discord server, your problem may already be answered.

Minimum system requirements

βœ… 1 GHz dual core processor or better

βœ… 2 GB of system memory (RAM)

βœ… 15-20 GB of free disk space (20-25GB for upgrading)

βœ… 64 bit system capability

βœ… A DVD or a USB drive for the installation

Installation Guide

For a detailed installation guide, check out the How to install page of the FAQ.

Issues when downloading

Install uBlockOrigin in case you have problems with downloading.

Additional info

Windows 11

For Valorant and other anti-cheat games - Secure Boot and TPM must be enabled in BIOS. See how it's done here.

Other releases

For other versions of ReviOS, including old and deprecated releases, see archive downloads.

Alternative download links

Please join in our discord and check the download channel for mirror links.