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Upgrading Windows

When it comes to upgrading your Windows version, there are two options available:

With the following method, you can migrate your current Windows (including the legacy ReviOS ISOs) installation to a newer version, without losing any files or settings. Safer and more reliable, but it takes longer to complete than the second method.


This method doesn't work on Windows LTSC, use the second method instead.

  • Download original MVS ISO (Updated every month) from here
    • Make sure to not download LTSC, that one isn't updated every month
  • Extract the downloaded ISO with 7zip 64-bit
  • Run setup.exe
    • For unsupported systems:
  • Press Shift + F10 and select Open PowerShell window here or Open in Terminal
  • Enter:
.\setup.exe /Product Server /Telemetry Disable /DynamicUpdate Disable
  • Follow on-screen instructions
  • Select Keep My Files

Method 2 (Faster)

  • Update and run Revision Tool; From the "Windows Updates" page:
    • Disable Pause Windows Updates and Hide the Windows Updates page
  • Go to SettingsWindows Updates, click on Get Updates to download and install the latest updates automatically

Errors during updates

If you get errors during the downloading or installing updates process, you can try the following commands in Terminal (PowerShell or CMD):

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
SFC /scannow

When running those commands, errors are okay, do not panic, they can be ignored.

In case this method doesn't work, please use the first method.